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Loka is an 8 year old ISD in need of a foster or a new home due to health issues in her owner. Loka has lived with other dogs, primarily Pembrokes, and has gotten along well with them. She’s had some obedience and agility training, though that may be a bit rusty at this point. Loka is currently located in South Carolina.  A foster home on the East Coast, such as the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, etc. would be convenient for less transport needs.

Loka’s breeder is in the loop, but her own situation has had some major changes recently such that Loka cannot go directly to her at present. She has been a long time supporter of NISRA’s safety net and has accepted our offer of help.

If you are interested in fostering Loka temporarily, please email nisrabod@gmail.com with details.

If you are interested in being considered for adopting Loka, fill out our adoption application and email it to us at nisrabod@gmail.com.





(UPDATE: The adoption status of Kaia is on hold at this time.  We are not currently taking applications.  If this changes we will update here.)

Two year old spayed female Icelandic Sheepdog available to active home, would love to live with another dog of her size or larger who likes to play. Cannot be left in fenced yard unattended or she will try to get out. Current home can’t give her the attention and activity needed.

She is a soft dog with people who wants to please. Very smart and wants stuff to do. Must be handled with positive approach or she may become intimidated. A performance home of some sort would be great. With other dogs she can play a little “rough”, because she is used to livestock guardian breeds. Not reliable with stock or poultry. Not recommended with cats.

Crate trained. Rides fine in car in crate. Well mannered in the house, not excessive barker. Currently fostered in Indiana. Would strongly prefer family who can drive to meet her and see if she gets along with any current dogs. $250 adoption fee. If interested, please submit application (link below) to NISRA.





She’s a beauty, but she’s all Icie, and doesn’t mind getting dirty!


And left to her own devices, without supervision, she will try to go find adventure!



To apply to adopt a dog through NISRA,  fill out our adoption application and email it to us at nisrabod@gmail.com.