Available Dogs

 Íseyjar Jökull (“Ísi”)

Family in Washington state needs to rehome 5 year-old Icelandic Sheepdog


Ísi is an imported, intact 5-year-old black tri male, 40 pounds, very loving, sweet, and social.  He enjoys nothing more than to be with other dogs and animals and will stay by owner’s side all day if possible. He loves to get rubs and give kisses.  He also loves chasing tennis balls.  He’s been a constant companion to his owners and has not been left alone for more than a few hours a couple of times per week (which he handles very well).  His family has young children, and he is patient and loving with them.  The only issue they have had is his wanting to escape the yard and go car chasing.  He ran under a car once and it resulted in his tail having to be removed so he has a “corgi butt.” No current health issues.  Owners must move out of state for family reasons and will not be able to have a dog.  The primary concern is to find a home which understands the breed, where he will find loving attention and security.  The owner would prefer to rehome him where they can visit the new home and feel comfortable about where he is going, so priority will be given to applications within driving distance of Redmond, WA.
If you would like to be considered, please complete and return the NISRA adoption application.


7 year-old male Icie in Alaska


Falki is a happy, active, 7 year old neutered male Icelandic sheepdog whose family needed to make the very hard decision to find him a new home. His energy level and their current situation are not working out and they want the best for him. He is currently in Alaska, but a home elsewhere would be considered. Falki’s breeder is aware of his situation and is working with us as well.

Falki is good with other dogs,cats and kids His owner does not feel he would be suitable for a home with horses as when he had visits, he was overly focused on trying to herd them. He has chased moose off and may see horses in the same light.

Falki has a good deal of training, and could (and would probably like very much to) do dog sports. He knows tricks, has done obedience and rally, treibball, agility and freestyle. At the current time he is NOT reliable off lead as his recall needs tuning up. Falki enjoyed his training in various sports training but he needs to work on the distractions present at trials. Consideration will be given to homes that would be interested in doing the sports he has enjoyed and/or teaching him new sports to engage him.

If you are applying and have dog sports experience, please include info about that on the application.

If you are interested in Falki, please fill out the NISRA application form.

If you submitted an application with another dog in mind and are interested in Falki, email nisrabod@gmail.com and include any information specific to Falki you might want to add.



Nick is ready to find his forever home! He was neutered and had a dental cleaning and is in great shape. His blood work looked excellent, and his hips are looking good. He does have a small amount of arthritis in his spine, but he gets around just fine. Nick is nine years old and happy to play in the yard or go for walks, but also likes to sleep near you in the house. He is very friendly with people, but hasn’t been around small children. He gets along fine with cats, and is living comfortably with other dogs of both sexes, intact and neutered. He would probably like to have a dog friend at home, but a more easy going dog would be best. Nick is a purebred Icelandic and is currently located in Dallas, TX. We would prefer to place him locally if possible but will consider adopters out of town in some cases.


To apply to adopt any of these dogs,  fill out our adoption application and email us at nisrabod@gmail.com.