Adoptable dogs – Dyggur and Deano


Dyggur and Deano are purebred six year old Icelandic Sheepdog littermates in Fort Walton Beach, Florida who need to be re-homed because of the death of their owner and breeder. They have always been together, enjoy exercising together, so that it would be preferable to have one forever home for both of them. They are very sweet (like their sire Snati), are not aggressive with other dogs, and like most Icelandics greet strangers with a wag of the tail and a request to be petted. They are crate trained, housebroken, and have no known medical problems. They are up to date on vaccinations. They are not neutered, and Dyggur has one undescended testicle. Their registered names are Choctaw Bay Dyggur and Choctaw Bay Thordor AKA Deano. They have not resided with cats so response to cats is unknown. They bark when they go outside, and when they hear their owners’ car returning, but quickly stop barking. They have always been exercised in a fenced in yard, but can walk on leash.

Please help us give these wonderful dogs a new loving home. Icelandic Sheepdogs often live to 14-17 years. Please contact their co-owner at  He will screen all applications.

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