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NISRA Adoption Application

Sometimes it's necessary to re-home an Icelandic Sheepdog. The owner may have become ill, may have been transferred by their employer to an unfriendly dog environment, or living arrangements may have changed dramatically. Our goal is to assist in re-homing Icelandic Sheepdogs. In order to ensure as good a match as possible, we need to know something about you. Our primary concern is for the long-term welfare of the dog.

Please take time to carefully read and complete the following questions. Ideally the whole family should participate in this process. These questions are designed to help place dogs in the best home for their personality and needs. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. The answers will be instrumental in matching the dog and family. The availability of dogs varies therefore we are unable to estimate the time required to match rescue dogs with suitable adoptive homes. We will keep your application on file for twelve months unless you reconfirm your interest in adopting twelve months from the date on this application. There is a $350 charge for the adoption of a dog that has been surrendered to NISRA.

Please fill our the application in as much detail as possible. This application is used as part of the adoption process. Please understand that the completion of this application does not guarantee an adoption as NISRA maintains the right to approve or deny the adoption application. You will be notified when it has been received. Thank you.

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Personal Information

Phone Type
Date of Birth
In order to adopt you must be at least 21 years old.

Home Environment

Do you rent or own?
Type of dwelling you live in:
How would you describe the locale of your dwelling?
Has any member of your household ever been investigated for or convicted of neglect or cruelty to animals?
Are any members of your household allergic to dogs?
Does your home have a fenced in yard or area for a dog to adequately exercise & safely play in?
Do you have pets living in your home and/or animals living on your property?
Veterinarian Name
Veterinarian Address

Plans and Expectations

How many hours a day are you usually home?
If your dog requires a special diet, are you willing to supply it?
Are you willing to invest time & effort on obedience classes & socialization as the need arises?
Are you prepared to make a lifetime commitment to your dog even if you make a life-style change such as moving, divorce, marriage or children?
Are you familiar with the financial responsibilities associated with owning a dog including vet care, food, supplies & grooming & are you willing to commit to these expenses over the lifetime of the dog?


Do you plan to compete with your dog in conformation or performance sports?
Are you interested in breeding your dog?

Dog Owner Experience

Have you owned a dog before?
Have you ever fostered a dog before?
Have you ever had to re-home or surrender a dog?
Do you have experience in house training a dog?
Have you ever crate trained a dog?
Have you participated in training classes with a dog?

Breed Awareness

Have you ever met an Icelandic Sheepdog?
Are you comfortable owning a herding breed know for its barking?
Are you capable of handling regular grooming for a dog that sheds?
Are you comfortable having a dog that prefers to be with you/your family most of the day?


Provide two references who can recommend you as a competent and responsible dog owner
1st Reference - Name
Please do not use a family member.
2nd Reference - Name
Please do not use a family member.

 Potential Adopter Acknowledgement

This application is used as part of the NISRA adoption process. By signing your name, you ackowledge and agree that NISRA has the right to approve or deny this adoption application and that the completion of this application does not guarantee an adoption.

I understand the following conditions:
Upon receipt of a request from an individual to re-home/rescue his/her identified pure-bred Icelandic Sheepdog or Ice-alike dog, NISRA will:
A. Notify you of the available dog, it's information and the person to contact based on the preferences you specified in the NISRA Volunteering form.
B. If the dog has been surrendered to NISRA, we will process your application and determine if you are a good match for the rescued dog.  If you are, you will be responsible for all transportation costs as well as a $350 adoption fee.
C. If the dog is being re-homed by an owner, it will be up to you and the owner to come to an agreement regarding any re-homing decisions, including but not limited to all transportation, veterinary services and cost.

I am twenty-one (21) years of age or older.  This application will be retained by NISRA for one year.

I have read and understand the conditions of the adoption application.

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