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INTAKE Application For a Dog in Need of Rehoming or Rescue

In order to assist you and to advertise your Icelandic Sheepdog in need of a new home on our website, NISRA must first receive the following questionnaire with full disclosure of any behavioral or pre-determined health issues, and a payment in the amount of $30 via PayPal-Credit Card or Check made payable to NISRA.
We would appreciate that if the identified dog is currently in a shelter or placed in a foster home affiliated with another rescue group, that all known information about the dog be forwarded to us.

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NISRA Due Diligence Policy

If the owner does not know their dog's breeder or the breeder has not been contacted, NISRA will make every attempt to determine who the breeder is and/or contact them regarding the rehome/surrender of one of their dogs prior to any placement.

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Are you willing and able to take the dog back should a placement be unsuccessful?
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I have reviewed and understand the details of the surrender process and fees involved as outline on the NISRA website and/or surrender form:

Agreement with NISRA:

This questionnaire has been completed to the best of my knowledge. I have disclosed all medical and/or behavioral history in regards to the above-mentioned dog and agree to make NISRA aware of any changes with medical or behavioral history immediately.

By signing this questionnaire, I agree to the following:
Upon receipt of this completed and signed request to re-home/rescue an Icelandic Sheepdog, NISRA will contact individuals who have submitted applications to foster/adopt an Icelandic Sheepdog. NISRA will also post your dog’s information on the appropriate web page and social media in order to assist in re-homing/rescuing your dog.

If your dog must be surrendered immediately, NISRA will make every effort to find an immediate Foster for your dog.

If you are willing to keep your dog until a suitable home is found, you retain ownership of your dog until he/she is re-homed. It will be up to you and the adopting party to come to an agreement regarding re-homing, including but not limited to all transportation, veterinary services, cost, etc.

If help with transportation is needed, NISRA is willing to contact volunteers who may be able to assist with transportation.

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