Icetoberfest wraps up another great year!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Maryland for the fourth annual “Icetoberfest” event! Put on by our good friend Jo-Ann Secondino, this event is a fun filled weekend for Icelandic Sheepdog owners and their friends to enjoy each other’s company and try new things!

Money raised from the events, including a fantastic raffle, goes toward helping the dogs of the National Icelandic Sheepdog Rescue Alliance. Without the support of events like Icetoberfest, we would not be able to do what we do!

A Rescue of Our “Cousin Breeds” in Michigan

Recently, a hoarding situation in Michigan left approximately 98 dogs – Norweigan Buhunds, Norrbottenspets, Border Collies and mixes of these, needing new homes. NISRA stepped in to help our “cousin breeds” with such an overwhelming need.

At this time, we believe all of the dogs are either up for adoption at shelters or released into foster groups. In total between the Norweigan Buhund Club of America, the American Norrbottenspets Association and NISRA, 48 dogs were pulled either from the original house or area shelters.

If interested in adopting a Norweigan Buhund, click here for more information or email

If interested in adopting a Norrbottenspets, please click here or contact There are also several Norrbottenspets available at Lapeer Animal Control and St. Clair Animal Control for adoption.

Mixed breed dogs from this situation are (or will be) locally available at Blue Water Area Humane Society, Humane Society of Saint Clair (SNAP) and Serenity Animal Hospital.

Lastly, NISRA has taken in some of the mixes as an assistance to our “cousin” breeds – dogs that would likely have been pulled from a shelter as they certainly look “Ice-a-like!” The need has been overwhelming and no one rescue group can handle this many dogs alone. So meet Lucy, Lisa, Spirit, Honor and Quinn. More information about them will be on our adoption page. If interested in adopting or long-term fostering one of these dogs, you can fill out an application and email us at

Help Loki Find a Home

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Loki is about 11 years old and is available for adoption at El Dorado County Animal Services South Lake Tahoe Shelter in California.

NISRA believes Loki could possibly be an Icelandic Sheepdog or a mix of an ISD. Loki is not in danger but regardless of what breed or mix he is, he definitely deserves a home! He has been in the shelter for more than six months.

We are crossposting Loki hoping that our ISD community can help get the word out and find someone who is looking for a sweet senior to share their home with.

The shelter reports that Loki is very sweet but would probably be best as an only pet and would rather have a home with adults only.

He is vocal like a typical Icie and does not act like he is 11. More information is available by calling (530) 573-7925.

See an adorable video of Loki playing in the snow here.

Seamus’ Story


NISRA was contacted to help Seamus, a purebred Icelandic Sheepdog who had been hit by a car and sustained significant injuries.

All four of his legs were injured in some way, including one leg that needed to be surgically repaired. He also had to have several toes amputated and spent a large amount of time living at the vet hospital.

NISRA was able to pay the vet bills for Seamus (which added up to about $3000) and with the help of the veterinary clinic, found him a home with a wonderful family who has cared for him through his recovery.

Because of NISRA’s supporters, we were able to step in and help Seamus without hesitation. Thank you to all who make stories like this possibly by donating to NISRA or supporting us in other ways by attending Icetoberfest or volunteering.